Monday, July 28, 2008

Head scarf Ban, now!

How is it that when Driving in Ireland you are not allowed to;

Use a mobile phone
Suffer from blindness..

But you are allowed to drive while wearing a religious headscarf that may cause you to suddenly change lanes, without seeing whether or not there is somebody already in your intended lane.

How about a liberalism-defying 'headscarf while driving ban'?

Am I being Racist? Am I inciting people to dislike people because of their religious beliefs?
Or do I just want to arrive safely at my intended destination?

I'll let you decide..

SAm crea - Romantic Notions.....

I have just been reading twenty majors' Blog about carefree summers of youth.
twenty Major
It brought me back to being a young lad too, where summer holidays meant shorts and t-shirt, dusk till dawn.

Friends were always close by, and play dates weren't organized, they were spontaneous and daily.
You had your haunts, and you had your friends, and little else. There was no money, no fancy bikes or gadgets. There were bikes though, when your brother grew out of his old one. Fancy day trips were a rarity, and nobody was afraid.

Sure you were warned not to talk to strangers, but you were allowed out to play and so were your pals. There were no bouncy castles or professional entertainment at birthday partys. Just lots of kids and sweets, and that was all you needed to have a great day.

A day trip to the beach meant preparing sandwiches, not stopping off at spar, and certainly not going to Mc Donalds.

I am not trying to sound too romantic , we are better off now in a lot of ways than we were then (I'm talking about being a kid in the 80's). People have more comforts, better jobs and more money. But I am afraid that we are losing site of the most precious commodity of all, Time.
We are spending more time going to work, and getting there, more time doing all these other activities and forgetting about the simple things.

We need to just sit on the front wall, with our kids playing in the garden, and just shoot the breeze.
No barbeques or gazeebos, just your family and your neighbours next door doing the same, and all the kids mingling like they used to. No texts about what time they will be collected,

just kids playing,

And adults sitting, and chatting, and enjoying the weather.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Greatest Sitcom??

So what is the greatest Sitcom?

I have been watching sitcoms for as long as I can remember. The earliest I can remember is different strokes and the Cosby show. I liked Cheers when I was way too young to like it. I watched Seinfeld after it finished airing, bought all the episodes and declared it the greatest ever. Then came curb, Pretty Good. Pre-tty, Pre-tty, pre-tty Good. What is the greatest sitcom? Fill me in.. I have seen them all...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Barman has spoken.

I love to read Manuel's blog about being a waiter,

Manuel's Blog

as I work in a similar position myself, namely as a barman.. I have always threatened to write a bit about it, so here are my top ten points, as to how you can be a better bar customer...

1. Don't wave, click your fingers, say excuse me etc. etc. Wait your turn and you'll be served.
2. Coffee is served in coffee shops, restaurants and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.
3. Never approach a Barman with a food menu in your hand, as he is sure to find something else to do in the opposite direction.
4. If your pint is bad, tell me; If the Band are shit, tell them!
5. NO! We cant show the 'Big Brother'/'Britain's Got Talent' finals.
Tvs are for sports and News.
6. The Barman doesn't actually want to hear about your day, but he'll listen, for a limited time, don't outstay your welcome.
7.The barman doesn't give a flying-fiddlers-fuck how much 2 bottles of bud and 2 Bacardi Breezers cost on whatever flea-pit Spanish island from which you just returned.
8. If the Barman says you have enough, forget about it! Any amount of convincing about how you are grand, and that your only after coming out will be utterly futile. No Barman has ever gone back on a decision to refuse. Ever!
9. Don't ever tell a barman to cheer up, smile, look like he is enjoying himself! He will think you are an utter prick and ignore you later when it's busy and are trying to order your Corona with Lime.
10. The Barman knows that Corona comes with a slice of lime in the neck, and that pint bottles of Bulmers come with a pint of ice, so don't over-elaborate your order, we know, it's been ordered before.

If this list (just off the top of my head) makes me seem like an odious prick, then it has been more accurate than I thought. If it doesn't then I need to work on it. I may do a new list some other time after more thought.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Profit Restraint Now! - sam crea

Watching the one o ' clock news, I see some bitch from the small firms association saying we should shave a euro off the minimum wage. She said ours is second highest in EU, second only to Luxembourgh. She also pointed out that it is double that of our friends in the United States.

So according to this lady, we should be striving to be more like the US, and a lot less like Luxembourg.

Small firms are in trouble, they may not make as much profit in the downturn, so why not cut the wages of the poorest people in the country. Why not take an extra forty quid a week off some lad who is giving it a go, and working a shitty job to pay his way. Why not make it more economical for him to sit on his arse and collect the dole.

You could argue that she represents an interest group and their interests are her primary concern.
I just wish that this organization could get a representative, with slightly more polished PR,
the last fellow they had was a complete fucker as well. How about some patronizing babble about, rethinking, or restructuring pay at least. Dont just tell us your cutting it by a euro and fuck you!!
Are all small firm owners wankers? Are these people just indicative of all the members?

How about some profit restraint?
Why is it always pay restraint?

How about some respect for the people that keep your fucking companies alive and kicking?

Jesus she was some bitch,

She really got my blood boiling..

SAm Crea


Are there any Hitlers out there? I mean people with the surname hitler. Have all the hitlers that ever existed become extinct? I'd imagine it could be a bit of a mood killer on a second date..

"So whats your surname?"

"ah, em well, I meant to change it, but actually.."

I dont think there would be a third date.

When you google hitler, you get a million or so sites about the German Nazi leader, and all that he did. However there are no Hitler hotels, no Hitler autopart dealers, There are no Hitler and Hitler Solicitors or Financial advisors. It seems they have all gone, they are extinct.

Where have all the Hitlers gone...