Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Are we all Plodding through life?

In one article in This Sundays Times, Jeremy Clarkson talks about our plodding through life and not really doing anything. I presume that he meant that we were all just getting up every day and doing the same old routines and basically waiting for death. He backs up his argument with his other article in the paper which is about driving around London in his 500 horse-power Mercedes, speed cameras and speeding in general.

I presume he wrote about the Plodding after he wrote the hackneyed, cliched piece on speed cameras and Mercedes. Its his speciality, railing against liberals and regulation in general. And I think thats why I like to read him. Not every week, but every so often I like to read about how he hates cyclists and vegetarians and people who drive slowly. I plod through life, but enjoy life too.

I like that when I read clarkson, I know I will get a few cheap laughs at the expense of people who think they are making the world a better place, but are really just making it annoying for the rest of us.

I suspect that writing his umpteenth article about this sort of thing has given him the Plodding feeling. But his target audience are the plodders of the world, I suspect that few who read his articles about 200 thousand euro vehicles could ever dream of buying them. We are plodders reading his plodding, and from the comfort of our own sofas and without having to think too much about it we have a laugh and dont have to spend any more than 2.50 to do so.

Plod on Clarky!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Kit kat now.

How about a moratorium?
All bloggers should have to refrain from political commentary for an agreed period.
They could all temporarily become foodies, travel writers or maybe dolphin spotters.
Look, come up with something.
Stop reminding us about what a shower of scally-wags the majority of politicans are.
We know what they are. We know about their expenses. We know about their short-comings and most importantly we know that its the constant bleating in the papers about it that keeps them somewhat in-check.
But look, for about two-weeks can we have some Jam recipes or something? maybe some carefully written articles on where you like to spend your weekends, or you could post those first two pages that you have written of your best-seller!

Do it.

It really doesn't matter who wins the local elections.

It really doesnt.

Give us sunshine.