Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Its just meant to be fun you know...

OK, so I saw the New Terminator Film. And yes I took the Wee-Lad, and he loved it.
It is chock full of great special effects and some wonderful action scenes that distract you expertly from the lack of any real story line. But then when it is full of cool robots and flying machines and robot motorcycles, who needs to worry about questions concerning the space-time-continuum?

If you are going to start asking questions of a movie about its adherence to the laws of physics then you are probably better off avoiding most films that depend on special effects guys to entertain you.

Maybe you should see a nice serious film where all the players have been nominated by illustrious academies for their work. Christian Bale wont be one of them.

Its fun and a bit gritty, and you just shouldn't ask how highly advanced computer assassin robots take swiping blows at the central protagonist so to knock him over a bit instead of aiming a single deadly blow to begin with.

And you know before you go in that they cant possibly finish the story, I mean end a franchise? Is it mad you are?
(they cant go down the whole 'Prequel' route because that would just mess with our heads too much..)

Go on, suspend your disbelief. you may find you enjoy it.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a simplistic view of the Irish economy

Look, two years ago you were buying brand new cars that had about 5 to 10 grand worth of VRT lumped on top of them. If your not going to buy those cars anymore then they (the government) are going to have to get the aforementioned 5 to 10 grand from you some other way, namely via the good old income tax system. Its very simple; if you dont want to pay them the money the fun way, by buying stuff and donating tax that way, then they are going to have to take it directly from your pay packet. Its very, very simple. They need X amount of cash to run the country and we will give it to them the easy way or the hard way. It is that simple.

Now spend for gods sake and lets get ourselves out of this. We are not a master of industry type country. We buy stuff, and it gets taxed. We make stuff invented in other countries and benefit with the jobs and a minute slice of their tax take. If you can come up with a new way of running the country then it had better involve some new indigenous natural resource that we havent found yet to exploit. We are a nation of contractors. Its what we are good at, so lets get back to it and stop all this fucking whinging because nobody is going to pay us to whinge.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crosaire revisited...

I love crosaire sometimes.

It can take me over an hour to get as far as I can.

Crosaire for the uninitiated is the cryptic crossword in the Irish Times


Sometimes I get loads done, and other days I just cant get started at all, but when you start to get the hang of it, it can be very satisfying.

It is not a five minutes and a cup of coffee job. It takes time. But now I have discovered some Irish guy living in San Fran who can help, and if your a bit of a Crosaire struggler like myself you might like to check him out..

here's the link

Crosaire Blog

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

whats ahead? Terminators!

I have taken to enjoying Film anticipation recently. I find it is more enjoyable anticipating a film than actually seeing it. In fact most films turn out to be shit. The only film I truly enjoyed recently(i'm talking couple of years), that was meant for me, was "No country for old men" and it didnt really stand up to re-viewing on DVD. "There will be blood" was goodish but too long and Day Lewis lost the plot in the closing scenes. "The dark Knight" was watchable but over hyped and in my opinion a very average film that strived to me more. And wasnt.

The movie I am anticipating this week is "Terminator Salvation". I am afraid to see it. I am a Terminator Fan, and can even grudgingly watch the third one, cause my son loves it. I have it built up in my head to be great for some reason and the trailers I have seen have me prepared for a great film. But the reviews are luke-warm and I am afraid to knock this "great" movie from its pedestal in my mind.

My son who is almost four thinks I am bringing him to see it, but his mother has said definitely
NO, and who am I to argue. Its just its advertised on every bus in Dublin and he spots every one.
do you know that tune, I am humming it right now...

de-de, de-de-de, de-de-de- de-de DE DE!

There may be trouble Ahead!